Friday, July 19, 2024
Color Grading Drone Video Parade

Color Grading Your Drone Footage: What Are Scopes?

When it comes to color grading video, utilizing the scopes is absolutely essential. Not only do the scopes make the coloring process much easier,...
Color Correcting Drone Video

Tips for Color Correcting Drone Footage

1. Use the scopes. If you’ve read about color correcting or grading before, then you’ve definitely heard of this one. Due to differences in...
Best Export Settings for Youtube Drone Video

Best Export Settings for Youtube

In this example we'll use Apple's Compressor - which is essentially the Final Cut version of Adobe Media Encoder. Regardless of the encoding software,...
Premiere Pro Save Export Settings

Premiere Pro: Create Export Presets

Here's a quick tip! If you often find yourself choosing the same export settings in Premiere Pro, creating presets will save you a ton...
Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography Tips

Aerial Photography Tips Want to capture those picture-perfect aerial shots? Us too! There's a lot to consider when shooting aerial photography, but we're here to...


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