DJI M200 Matrice Drone Announced

DJI M200 Drone

Drone industry leaders DJI announced a new drone today. The new DJI M200 (Matrice) series is intended for enterprise use, as it’s equipped to perform inspections and collect data. Although their drones have been used in this regard for some time, this is the first instance in which DJI is designing models specifically for enterprise use.

Ideal for in-the-field operations, the DJI M200 series is weather and water resistant, allowing it to function in both rain and snow. The drone is compatible with numerous cameras, including the X4S, X5S, the Z30, and the XT thermal camera. In addition, the Matrice also provides first person view through a built in FPV camera. The FPV and the mounted cameras can be monitored simultaneously. The M200 comes equipped with a dual battery system, enabling flight times of up to 35 minutes.

DJI M200 Drone Announced

An upward-facing gimbal mount is the most groundbreaking feature. This allows the camera to look upwards to inspect the bottoms of structures while flying below them. Enterprise users will find this extremely beneficial while inspecting bridges, highways, and overpasses. DJI’s website lists several industry applications that the drone is ideal for, including infrastructure inspection, energy facility inspections, site mapping, and public safety.

The Matrice series includes three models – the M200, the M210, and the M210 RTK.

  • The M200 is equipped with one downward-facing gimbal mount (the type normally found on drones).
  • The M210 allows multiple gimbal attachments – with a maximum of 3 and the ability to face a mount upwards.
  • The M210 RTK enables the use of D-RTK models, providing extremely precise navigation.

In terms of safety, the drone possesses sensors that detect objects and obstacles on all sides. DJI Airsense is also implemented, which provides the M200 with real-time information about nearby aircrafts – an awesome new feature! The information is received via an ADS-B receiver.

DJI M200 Drone Top View

This is the first professional drone that’s equipped with features intended for use in enterprise solutions. Weather resistant with an upward-facing camera — it certainly appears that DJI has done it again.

Stay tuned – we’ll be completing an in depth review the second we get our hands on the new DJI M200 series!


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