DJI Spark Review

An in-depth review of the DJI Spark drone.

DJI Spark Review

DJI Spark Review

The DJI Spark is the latest mini drone that has come from the people at DJI. Offering a lot of the technology that their larger and more expensive drones have on board, it’s a technological marvel inside a drone that can easily fit on the palm of your hand. So, what does it offer that sets it apart from other mini drones on the market?

Flight Performance

The DJI Spark has a top speed of 50 KPH (30 MPH). This puts it comfortably at a speed to challenge most consumer drones on the market. It may not challenge some of the fastest racing drones around, but it’s still enough to get the juices flowing when you’re out flying. It manages this for up to 16 minutes of flight time, which for a mini drone is an incredibly generous. It has a 2 km (1.25 mi) range to ensure that HD video is streamed with perfect clarity. It also offers a first person view when flying which enhances the whole experience giving the ability to react instantly to hazards.


In terms of features the Spark uses every ounce of DJI’s know how to create an excellent mini drone that provides plenty of fun without having to be an expert pilot. What does it have on offer that makes it stand out from the pack? Let’s take a look.

The Spark allows for an almost unprecedented amount of flight autonomy. It achieves this with a 3-D sensing system that is anchored to the front of the drone, a vision positioning system located in the underside of the drone and 24 computing cores inside the device to allow it to process this information almost instantaneously. It also has an internal GPS that allows the device to know its location and work out routes on the fly.

The Spark also has a return to home (TRH) feature that allows you to retrieve your Spark if you have lost sight of it. All it takes it the press of a button and the Spark will find its way back to you. It achieves this with a combination of the flight autonomy that it has enabled and the GPS that is on board. It uses the GPS to find where you are located and then uses the sensors to fly safely back to you, the on board sensors helping it to navigate any potential obstacles on the way. If it is unable to find a GPS signal then it really goes into genius mode, it finds where it last pinged you and then navigates to you using the camera on the underside to cross reference photos of where it had travelled previously.

In addition to this it is also capable of being controlled via hand movements. This means when you are flying your device in close proximity to yourself it offers a simple and easy means of controlling it. This includes everything from hovering in place to taking photos. It’s never been easier to use your drone to get the perfect family photo! You can even help your drone to launch using facial recognition. Just place it in the palm of your hand, with propellor guards in place, and look at the front of your drone. It will recognize your face and before you know it, it’s powered up and taken off.


The DJI Spark is priced at around $399 which means that it’s not marketed at beginners to drone flying. You do get a lot in terms of features for your money though. The DJI Spark allows users to carry out complicated tasks in simple ways and offers the ability to take high quality pictures and videos without any hassle at all. If you want a drone that will make it easy to get action shots from above without the need for any kind of rigging.

The features offered by the DJI Spark are way beyond the price tag. It actually has some features that are available on much more expensive drones which makes it one of the best value drones on the market. If you’re a beginner to the drone market then maybe this drone isn’t the choice for you. However if you want a drone that will offer you a huge amount for you money and you are already an experienced drone pilot then the DJI Spark is for you, it really makes it easy to carry out very complex tasks.

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