Drone Repair Training Now Offered at College

College courses for drone repair.

Drone Repair Training

Northland Community and Technical College in Minnesota is planning to offer a drone repair training classes. Yes – a real course for real college credits. The school currently offers an unmanned aircraft maintenance course that focuses on repairing larger drones that are typically used by the military. In the near future, the college is expanding the course to include the smaller quadcopter drones that have become popular with consumers over the last few years.

As the consumer drone industry is expected to continue to skyrocket (pun intended), the need for professionals who know how to perform maintenance on them will increase as well. The higher-end drones are certainly not cheap, they can even reach upwards of several thousands of dollars. When such an expensive piece of equipment is damaged, consumers will look for professional drone maintenance workers to repair it, rather than just throwing it away.

Drone Repair College Course

Northland Community and Technical College is so sure of this, in fact, that the school officials are promising a high-paying job after completion of the program.

Repair shops that are authorized by drone manufacturers to perform repairs are reportedly having trouble keeping up with demands, with many of them being forced to turn away repair customers due to such a high volume. The number of commercial and consumer drones currently on the market is expected to increase dramatically over the next few years – with millions flying in the sky. If demand is already exceeding the available positions, then Northland Community and Technical College may be on to something. The school believes that with the rise of consumer drones, a new trade is emerging, and it has the potential to become very large, very profitable, and possibly provide long term careers.

Additionally, Robotic Skies, a company based in Albuquerque, is currently building a network of drone repair stores. At this point, the company has 120 drone repair shops throughout the world, with plans to open more as the demand increases.

Check out Northland Community and Technical College‘s website for more information on their available drone repair courses.


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