Drones Light up Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Halftime Show

Intel Shooting Star drones light up the sky.

Intel Drone Super Bowl UAV

Super Bowl spectators on Sunday night received an awesome light show during Lady Gaga’s halftime performance. Those LED lights in the sky? Yes, they were actually drones.

The spectacular floating lights were Intel’s Shooting Star drones. Three hundred of them soared into the sky at Super Bowl halftime, forming to create several designs including an American flag, a Pepsi logo, and Intel’s logo. Check out the video here.

According to Intel, the software that orchestrates the show works by first analyzing a reference image, then uses proprietary algorithms to automate drone placement and lighting to create an animation in the sky.

The artistic potential in using drones this way is enormous – it’s very likely that we will see similar feats in the future.


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