Fastest Drone In The World: RacerX

The Drone Racing League’s new quadcopter drone, RacerX, just set an insane new speed record. It’s now the fastest drone in the world with a top speed of 179.3 mph (288.6 kph). The record was verified by Guinness World Records, where it will likely hold the title for some time. RacerX’s average speed clocked in at an impressive 163.5 mph (263.1 kph).

The RacerX was designed and hand-built by techs at The Drone Racing League. They stated that it took several months to perfect, as motors often broke and fiery crashes often ensued.

In order to set the Guinness record, the RacerX was required to fly back and forth across a 328 foot (1oo meter) course. The top speed of each run was then averaged in order to determine the official record speed.

The Drone Racing League pilot featured in the video monitors the drone through FPV glasses that receive a signal from the drone’s camera. Interestingly, because of the RacerX’s lightning-fast speed, the camera actually has to be tilted at an 80 degree angle for the pilot to be able to see where he is navigating.

Check out The Drone Racing League for more information on the RacerX drone, as well as some great information on quadcopter racing!


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