GoPro Karma Drone Returns to Market

GoPro Karma Drone UAV

After a recall and a three month hiatus, GoPro’s Karma drone is returning to the market, expected to begin shipping units next month. The GoPro drone was voluntarily in November 2016, after numerous crashes were attributed to malfunction. GoPro stated that the cause of the malfunction was a faulty latch that keeps the drone’s battery secured. As the latch failed, the battery would disconnect and result in the drone losing power mid-flight. Since the GoPro camera mounted on the Karma drone has its own internal battery, many consumers caught their crashes on video:

In their recent press release, GoPro stated that the issue has been solved by redesigning that latch in the new Karma models, effectively securing it during flight. The press release went on to state that the updated drone is on sale in the US now, but initial shipments are limited. They are expecting US production to ramp up quickly, with international shipping beginning in the Spring. The Karma retails for $799.99 MSRP without a GoPro camera, and $1099.99 MSRP with the HERO5 Black camera included.

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