How To Start A Drone Photography Business

The Nitty Gritty of starting a drone photo/video business.

Starting A Drone Photography Business

With the continuous developments in the technology it is becoming clear that new ways are going to shape the future in which things will be done. There used to be a time when the helicopters were used in order to get the aerial view of a site. The client who needed the service used to be charged a hefty amount for the service. However, this is not required anymore due to the drones capturing the bosom of this aerial industry of photos and videos.

As it is becoming a hobby turned into business idea a number of people are looking forward to it as a career option. In order to start a commercial business of drone photo/video, following steps are needed to be achieved one after the other. Let us understand the process.

Get to know law of land:

The basic and the first step to establishing your business is to confirm that the place where the business needs to be set up approves of the business. Also confirm the various rules and regulations required to be fulfilled as different countries are making different laws for the drones. Also make sure that the laws that are being read deals with the commercial one and not that of the hobby as the two are different.

Get to know the drones:

Starting a business that deals in drones flying from one place to another and taking pictures or videos can be really fascinating. But it is mandatory on the part of the owner to learn the basics of flying a drone and getting a certificate from pursuing the courses in this direction. This is important as the person starting the business should know as to how the drone works, what are its parts. Though the drones are automatically driven, getting to know them would only help the owner in the long run. One should always be updated with the knowledge of the field in which one works!

Get to know your competition:

Competition is necessary, but only for the customers. For a business to get started, the focus should be avoiding the competition as much as possible. Hence, the owner should try to analyze the market conditions and deduce as to how many competitors are there in the market? Also, what are the areas in which they are serving? How much are they charging for the service? All these questions will make the person get an idea of the market. It is only after this analysis he/she should decide the area in which they will enter the market. It will be profitable for the business to enter an area which the other competitors are not providing. This will give an edge to the new business and help it getting recognized quickly. Searching for these gaps will make the business profitable too, as the less the completion, the better it is.

Buy the drone and get it insured:

Now that there is awareness of the market and that of the drones, the next decision that the future business owner has to take is that of investing in a Drone. The research done will be of utmost importance here because the person knows what drones the competitors are using and the quality of those drones. Depending upon the budget and this information the owner must decide the drone that is to be bought. Also one can purchase drones online and offline. Go for the most economical decision. It is observed that good professional commercial drones cost around $3000 and other good prosumer drones could be bought for $1000. Drones like inspire and phantom are the recent releases in the market and offer features like shooting in 5.2 K in RAW format. The flight time hovers from 27 to 30 minutes and the camera can go as high as up to 20 mega pixels.

Buying the perfect drone for your business also needs the owner to get it insured. Insurance is necessary against the accidents, theft, lost or damage cases. The insurance will keep the owner protected against the loss of the machine. Insurance should be taken from good and reliable companies that are credible. Discuss all the necessary terms and conditions and any other special condition before signing up for the commercial drone insurance.

Ready to go?

Now that the owner has the permissions from the government, the market analysis is complete and the drone is ready along with the other requirements of setting up business the person is ready to start the operations. Well, the process still involves a number of issues to be addressed and those are the issues of finance. How are you going to price yourself for the services provided? This is a very important question as the existence of the business rests upon this foundation. Looking at the problem logically it is advisable for the business to charge according to the hours put into a project. It is only when the person conducts a project and decides the cost incurred can he/she add the profit margin and charge the clients. A proper estimation is likely to flow only after one or two projects that the business receives.


One more stone which could be your friend in the process is marketing. The more the people around you get to know about the business, the services that are being offered, the greater are the chances of getting projects. It is the strategy and the target market that the business is required to identify in order to start the business. The customers of drone photo/video business arrive from the niche like

  • Weddings
  • Real estate firms
  • News footage
  • Surveillance
  • Disaster relief
  • Feature films
  • Resort and hotel advertising
  • Precision agriculture

Etc. All these areas, welcome the drone photo/video business as they require the whole coverage of the event or things happening from the aerial view. This makes the wedding look grand, the footage solving cases, the agricultural conditions studied in detail, the resort or hotel looking perfect destination for relaxing and so on.

Starting the business:

Only and only when all these issues are addressed and the management team is ready, the owner is ready to take on the world with the help of the services that they are going to provide and the management team which will manage the day to day operations with ease. The career could be a promising one as the demand for the drone photo/video is increasing day by day. The clients look forward to service providers that are dedicated towards working and pay only when they are satisfied with the quality of work. The level of stress could be high here as the expectations of the client are high. But with proper professionalism and hard work at project leads to the results flowing. It is however necessary for the owner to work on some projects and create samples or prototypes that can be shown to the client to make him/her understand the quality being offered. A catalogue speaks much more than the consultant. It could be the best advertising technique for the business as the client gets to see the actual work and decide according to his/her choice. This adds to the style of the firm and conveys an idea that the firm is organized and prompts in its work. This attitude could make the clients offer you big projects.


Better said than done, this is only a blueprint of the plan that the future owner of the business wants to develop. This plan shall remain to be a plan until and unless the person acts upon the idea and the plan to execute it. This plan still lacks the details it needs. It is only when the person starts the search by looking at the ways and means to start it, can he/she initiates the whole process. The going can be tough in the starting but once set in motion it flows to see the action coming. The drone photo/video commercial business is also surrounded by the environment that is changing very quickly and this change poses a threat upon the organization. The owner needs to be proactive and futuristic in nature, so that he/she is able to interpret the future consequences of a decision and make plans to not only survive but thrive in the business. Research of the market should be carried out on a regular basis and the feedback of the clients should also be taken. This feedback will be the key that will allow the business to stay motivated, understand the expectations, and improve upon the deficiencies and growing in the sector. The more the market share, the better it will be. The economic and technological conditions are supporting this business and if the leadership is done right, the commercial drone photo/video business can be established and profits can be made by the business in handy. The key to move forward is the quality of work provided as this is what is going to separate it from the competitors.



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