The Wireless Fish Underwater Drone: BIKI

BIKI, The Underwater Drone

Underwater Drone BIKI

Meet BIKI. BIKI is an underwater drone – or better yet, a robotic fish. This little guy submerges completely underwater, to a depth of up to 196 feet, and maneuvers just like a real fish would. The drone is fish tail driven, using a rear fin that moves back and forth for propulsion at a speed of 1.12 miles per hour.

The BIKI comes with a 4K Ultra HD Video camera (3840 x 2160), which is also capable of capturing photographs with 16MP resolution. The camera is equipped with a 150 degree wide-angle lens and stabilization for smooth video recording. Deep underwater scenes are lit by the Biki’s two 114 lumen lights, which are installed beneath the camera. With 32GB of internal memory, it can store 90-120 minutes of video.

Waterproof Drone BIKI

Navigating with the Biki Underwater Drone couldn’t be easier. It has automated obstacle avoidance, built-in GPS, and customizable routes that you are able to pre-program. It’s controlled wirelessly with a large operational range, and has the ability to automatically balance, despite the water’s behavior.

The Biki is built with protection and longevity in mind. It is anti-corrosion, weather resistant, temperature resistant, and is even tested in Antarctic waters. In addition, it’s very quiet, only producing -55 db of noise – so it will not disturb the peaceful underwater atmosphere that sea life live in.

The Kickstarter campaign for the Biki has far surpassed its $20,000 goal, with $204,549 pledged at the time of this article – and still three weeks remaining in the campaign period. The lowest pledge currently available to receive the underwater drone is a very affordable $629.

Biki is more than just an underwater drone – it’s a bionic robot fish! Check out the Kickstarter campaign and join the future!

Underwater Drone

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